Pairwise Velocities and Fundamental Plane Galaxies from the SDSS
Fermilab June 9-10-11, 2004

The mini-workshop will concentrate on the following topics:
  • Study of fundamental plane (FP) galaxies from the SDSS compiled by Mariangela Bernardi (Bernardi etal AJ 125, 1817-1848, 2003 and AJ 125, 1849-1865, 2003)
  • FP catalog issues, e.g., selection, completeness, weirdness etc.
  • Discussion of errors in FP estimates compounded by the depth of the SDSS: Can we tighten the FP relation?
  • Construction of SDSS FP-like synthetic catalogs for a systematic study of the errors and anomalies.
  • The mean pairwise velocity of the galaxies (Feldman etal ApJ 596, L131-L134, 2003)
  • Anything and everything else we can think of.

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Organizer: Hume Feldman


We meet at the One North conference room

June 9th
The data
12:00 AMLunch at Fermilab
1:00 PMHume FeldmanOpening
1:15 PMMariangela BernardiSDSS FP Sample
2:15 PMGary WegnerThe FP as a Distance Indicator
June 10th
10:30 AMRisa WechslerMock SDSS FP Galaxies
11:30 AMChris MillerSDSS FP: outliers, selection function etc.
12:30 AMLunch at Fermilab
2:00 PMRoman JuszkiewiczV12: Mean Pairwise Velocities
3:00 PMLuis TeodoroMean Pairwise Velocity from SDSS:
Volume limited datasets
4:00 PMRick WatkinsOptimal Moments of the Large Scale Velocity Field
7:00 PMDinner at Josh and Kristin's Home
June 11th
10:00 AMSalman HabibTBA
11:00 AMHume FeldmanClosing
12:15 AMClosing Lunch with John Beacom and the Fermilab crowd