Moment weights vs. directions.

For details and analysis see our paper

The weights are indexed by the direction and the galaxy index wp,n where
  • p = 1..19 denotes the direction (x, y, z, xx, yy, zz, xy, yz, zx, xxx, yyy, zzz, xxy, yyz, zzx, xyy, yzz, zxx, xyz)
  • n = 1..N is the of galaxy index in the catalogue with N galaxies.
  • The color code is given at the top right-hand side of each figure
  • The depth of the survey is dynamic and is shown at the left-hand side of the plot.
  • Each plot shows the weights for each galaxy in the catalogue as a function of direction.
  • The colors represent the weight moment displayed at the top right side of each plot.
  • The depth is shown at the top left side of each plot. We display the depth RI=[10,60] h-1Mpc.
  • The weight values (y axis) are normalized.
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Shear ii

BF Shear ii

Shear ij

BF Shear ij

Octupole iii

BF Octupole iii

Octupole iij

BF Octupole iij

Octupole ijj

BF Octupole ijj

Octupole ijk

BF Octupole ijk

Hume Feldman